The Shroud

Leave him alone leave him alone you won't take him from me
With your withered flower stalk fingers and your moon struck eyes that do not see... You won't take him from me...
Rag clad bitch with baggy sad eyes
Red forked tongue in a mouth a mile wide Whirlwind hair marked by time...
I won't let you take what's mine
You hover behind him on the winding night road
You wrap around him when I leave him alone
You're always there for no-one to see but I won't let you take him from me...
Crawl back to the hell where you came from
Slither on back before I make your blood run
You have no power over me...
Now your power ceases to be
You have you have no you have no you have no power over me...

Composição: Colaboração e revisão: Monica Nunes

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