One Headlight

The Wallflowers

Tom: D
Intro:G D F# Bm (2x) G D So long ago I don't remember when F# THat's when they say I lost my only Bm friend G Well they said she died easy of a D broken heart disease F# As I listen through the cemetary Bm G D F# Bm trees G I seen the sun comin' up at the D funeral at dawn F# Bm of long broken arm of human law G Now it always seem such a way she D always had a pretty face F# I wondered when she hung around Bm G this place F# Hey, hey, heeehy... Refrão: G Come on try a little
D Nothin' is forever Em A There's gotta be somethin' better than in the middle G D Me an Cinderella, put it all together Em We can drive it home A G D F# Bm With one headlight G She said it's cold it feels like D Idependence Day F# And I can't break away from this Bm parade G But there's got to be an opening D somewhere here in front of me F# Through this maze of ugliness and Bm greed G I seen the sign up ahead at the D county line bridge F# Saying all is good and nothing less Bm it's dead G Running till she's out of breath D she ran until there's nothing left F# She hit the end it's her window Bm ledge G F# Hey Hey Heeeey Refrão: G This place is old feels just like D a beat up truck F# I turn the engine but engine Bm doesn't turn G With smells of cheap old wine and D cigarettes this place is always such a mess F# Sometimes I think I'd like to watch Bm it burn G D So alone I feel just like somebody else F# Man I ain't changed but I know I Bm ain't the same G But somewhere fere in between these D city walls are dyin' dreams F# I think her death it must be Bm killing me G F# Hey Hey Heeeey (Refrão)
Composição: Jakob DylanColaboração e revisão: Urrea GómezGabriel Mello

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