Garden Shed (feat. Estelle)

Tyler, The Creator

Don't kill a rose
Before it could bloom
Fly, baby, fly
Out the cocoon

You don't have to hide
I can smell it in your eyes
That there's something more to say, baby
Them words
Damn, run me back, yeah

If I could, if I could
If you could
Find the words to say
Find the words to say
Find the words
In the garden

Don't kill the rose
Before it could bloom
Fly, baby, fly
Out the cocoon

Garden shed, garden shed, garden shed, garden shed
For the garden
That is where I was hidin'
That was real love I was I in

Ain't no reason to pretend
Garden shed, garden shed, garden shed
Garden shed for the garçons
Them feelings I was guardin'

Heavy on my mind
All my friends lost
They couldn't read the signs
I didn't wanna talk and tell 'em my location
And they ain't wanna walk

Truth is, since a youth kid, thought it was a phase
Thought it'd be like the phrase; poof, gone
But, it's still goin' on
Big fan of the beige tan
Polka dot nose, how it goes

Had to keep it on the subwoofer
A couple butterflies wanna I float
I was always like: Eh
Barely interested, but I bagged just to brag to my boys like bruh

This is a crucial subject matter
Sensitive like cookin' batter
Till the temperature that's risin'
Steppin' on that ladder

Tryna grab the rings of Saturn
I'mma plan it, planet by the time you hear this
Shit and chatter, 'bout the heat
It will not fuckin' matter

Composição: Tyler OkonmaColaboração e revisão: Gustavo Bento

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