Heading South

Roy Orbison

Tom: A
I want to talk to folks back home again, 
to walk along a lonely country lane 
   D          E              D        E            
To spend some time with that woman of mine 
D       A    D  E  A  D       A    D  E  A 
Heading south,        Heading south 

A           E            A      D 
Things look bright and I feel alright,  
A         E       A 
Yeah, I'm heading south 

Refrão -------------

 E                                A 
Heading south to see the sun go down on campfire light, 
   D           E          A 
To join in the singing at night 
E                                A 
Heading south to cotton rows and honeysuckle bloom 
D         E          A 
Under the Cumberland moon 
E       A      E       A 
Heading south, heading south 


Give me room to travel on my way,  
to a place where dreams won't fade away 
Where the river flows and tobacco grows  
Heading south, Heading south 

Where the sun is hot and people love a lot,  
Yeah, I'm heading south