What's The Matter Baby

Dire Straits

Tom: F
(intro) A7   A#7   A7   Gm
        A A# Gm A   A   A A# Gm A   A

(verso 1)
A#                       C        Dm
There's a shadow hanging over the valley
A#       C
Total eclipse of the moon
Closing up the gates of the city
                 Gm    A7
The wind plays a wild tune

(verso 2)
A#                C             Dm
Don't you put the lock upon the window
A#                C
Don't you put the bar on the door
Don't you cry for the rain in the sky
                Gm      A7
You've seen the storm before


A#               C               Dm
Well, what's the matter with you baby
A#               C
Baby, what's the matter now
Tell me what's the matter your running in the shadows
                        Gm       A7
Every time you hear the wild man howl



(verso 3)
A#              C         Dm
Lightning gonna strike at midnight
A#            C
Thunder gonna shake the ground
Don't you flinch don't give an inch
             Gm         A7
Just let the flood come down
(Repeat Chorus twice, then intro.)

(end) A#   C   Dm