Drop Kick Jesus


Tom: G
Submitted By: Sqweeky
EMail: B*
Tabber: Slic-pic

come out in a long time!!!!!

---------------------------6--5----------------------------Play Repeatedley &
----------------------------56-----------------------------Listen to song!

Download this song off Morpeus, b/c it is a real kick ass song and 
you can't get it anywhere else.
Composição: Jay Weinberg / Mick Thomson / Sid Wilson / Alessandro Venturella / Allan Rock / Anders Colsefni / Chris Fehn / Corey Taylor / Craig Jones / James Root / Jim Root / Joey Jordison / Josh Brainard / M. Shawn Crahan / Mick Thomson / Paul Gray / Ritch Ronnan / Shawn Crahan / Sid Wilson / Slipknot / Slipknot feat Linkin ParkColaboração e revisão: