My Pet Sally


Tom: D
Riff 1:
E |---------------------------------|
B |---------------------------------|
G |----9-----9r6-----7r6---7r6---7--|
D |--7---7-7-----7-7-----7-----7----|
A |---------------------------------|
E |---------------------------------|

Riff 2:
E |------------------------------------|
B |------------------------------------|
G |------6-------7-------9-------7-----|
D |----6---6---7---7---9---9---7---7---|
A |--4-------5-------7-------5---------|
E |------------------------------------|

    A           E   A                   D
I'm gonna wanna see myself with someone too
A               E       D               A
Friends I don't pay are friends i never knew
  A           E          A                   D
So I took the chance and got some help from a few
A         E               D          A
And got a long and skinny friend to talk to

        E        D    A
Cause I have the time and the liberty
   E         D      A
To play with my pet sally
            E  C#   D           Riff 1
Please don't go away, sally please

No more lonely showers and uneaten foods
My salamander has hygiene too
And he thinks of me the way I think of you
The only next step is for him to say I do


Interlude: w/Riff 2
Sally please don't go away
I won't be living in yesterday
The lonely nights
Getting beat up by gays in bar fights